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Guidance Notes


These Notes Contain Basic Terms & Conditions. See Heading No.3 For More Detailed Terms Of Acceptance

You can have your order re-dyed the same shade or to a new colour of your choice. Most of the chart colours illustrated can be adjusted lighter (but some for technical reasons, not always darker) and the shade altered on request, so for example a green can have a more yellow or blue tone. However, if none of our colours are suitable we can usually match colours from our shade library to a colour of your own choice. All the dyes & ancillary chemicals we use are ecologically safe and do not pollute the environment.

Except for some silk wedding & evening dresses and multiple item orders it is usually not cost effective (for a customer and ourselves) and often not safe to dye most modern garments* especially if labelled 'dry clean only', though we will gladly offer our opinion and advice if requested. Generally, for single items or quantities less than 4kg (9¾ lbs) we recommend you try dyeing them in a domestic washing machine. Contact Dylon on 01737 742 000, Abigail Crafts on 01453 823 691 or www.thedyeshop.co.uk who can offer advice and supply a range of excellent dyes for domestic use. However, be aware most domestic washing machines are too small to safely accomdate sets of suite covers, cushion covers & curtains so the result i most likely to be patchy/streaky. Attempting to dye these items in small batches invariably results in shade variation. We can sometimes remedy the results of such situations. (Details are available on request).

* Cotton items for dyeing black but not wanted within our usual turnround time will be accepted at 1/2 to 2/3rds the listed charge if prepared to wait until we can add them to a compatable and economic quantity. This is usually from 3-4 weeks plus. Ask for a quotation.

Because of Consumer Legislation we are required to inform you of all the principle adverse effects & reactions that may or can occur with this type of processing, (no matter how remote or unlikely some might be) as unless we have indicatively test-dyed an exact sample by weight or volume of the order itself first, at random, any of the reactions listed below could occur although statistically they usually affect only a very small percentage of all the varied types of orders we process (although a small sample test-dye may well give a sufficiently indicative assessment. See No.9 below for more details)

These abridged* principle effects are: Items labelled “dry clean only”, especially clothing have a slightly increased risk of seam/fabric splitting and unrecoverable shrinkage, particularily with silk, though it can occasionally and randomly occur on both low or even relatively high temp. labelled washable items such as suite carcass covers and cushion covers (generally a low statistical risk). Heat-set creasing can occur on some types of silk, light weight cotton and long, narrow lengths of fabric which may twist tight. Seams without over-locking/chain stitching have a slightly higher risk of fraying and adjacent material breaking-down, particularily areas weaked or thinned by wear/tear. Apparently sound zips and zip pullers can fail in processing from end-seams opening and usage stress. (Replacement service available). Nearly all curtains shrink to some degree and age/light-weakened edges, stitching, linings and seams can split, depending on age and hanging location. Some stains, dyes and a previous dyers' fabric-finish or special treatment might not always colour-reduce (strip) and for technical reasons a finish/treatment or the original dye can alter a new colour formula's uptake, prevent a deep shade taking up and an original, but unknowingly uneven application of dye fixer, flame retardant or other special finish might cause colour patchiness, streaking, reduce dye taking up or may concentrate dye along tightly-stitched piping. Depending on the amount/severity of any fade, even with pre-stripping an order may still show some degree of colour inbalance after the dyeing process. (Even white or cream suite covers can have mild/severe fading that is not obvious prior to dyeing). All orders are accepted on the understanding that because the vat occupancy times and our processing expenses are the same irrespective of the order’s result, we regret we cannot part or fully refund our processing charges (except for any part of the scheduled processing not completed) or accept any financial liability for an order’s subsequent colour result, physical condition (including shrinkage), its original or 2nd hand value or a consequential loss based on the orders' perceived value/processing result.

* See Heading No.3 for detailed Terms & Conditions.

  1. You can choose a shade from our colour chart or we can usually match a dye formula to your own colour sample. If your own colour, either provide us with a pantone number (old 1970/80's paint version only, usually four digits ending in C or U) or send an approx. credit card size cloth sample or piece of card for the shade you require. (See no.7) If your order is not already white or cream, if possible include a small separate sample of it so we can adjust the new formula to allow for the original colour. (Although not essential, a new shade can sometimes be more difficult to achieve on top of an original colour, as for technical & order integrity reasons it might not improve even with additional processing). We do not require a sample for orders being dyed approx. the original colour or a little darker. On badly faded orders or where the dye does not strip-discharge/level-up, black is the best (and only) default colour to try as it always levels more successfully than any other colour. All formulas, (library matched & colour chart) are essentially ‘predictive’ which means the colour should take as formulated as it assumes "all things being even" technically, (which we have to assume unless an obvious detrimental factor can be observed), but because an original dye and/or it’s (unknown) fabric treatment might not discharge or absorb each colour element in a formula evenly, in a small percentage of orders these effects can unpredictably affect the depth/shade and even change a colour or shade entirely, (most often with silk). Orders in the same fabric but in two or more shades wanted for the same new colour cannot usually be matched, except sometimes in black.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: WE ONLY DYE: Cotton, linen, canvas, flax, silk, nylon (polyamide), lycocel, viscose, viscose- rayon, or a mix with no more than 3% elastine/spandex, or mixtures of these fibres. NOTE. Rayon, viscose and acetate is inclined to shrink, crease/crack and can flake on narrow seams, occasionally even if chain stitched/over-locked.
  3. We no longer have facilities to dye wool and fine hair fibres, i.e. angora, cashmere, mohair, camel hair, pashmina or blends of these fibres.
  4. NOTE. Velcro Strips. We cannot accept any responsibility for unsatisafctory results because of self-snagging and friction damage, uneveness of dye and set heat creasing caused by the 'hook' effect of Velcro strip during processing. Therefore we strongly advise you (or Harry Berger) secure protective fabric over such velcro strips*1. Though we make every effort to determine an unlabelled order's fibre & thread content in the absence of a fibre content label it is a customers' responsibility to identify such materials. Once received and unless advised otherwise we have to assume they are suitable to process, therefore the full processing charge (or part charge to the point of none result) will stand, as it is not possible to pre-test an order, (only a suitably sized spare piece of material) to determine its fibre content.
  5. Some apparently all-cotton curtain and suite cover materials can be polyester (which does not dye) and some colour patterning may also contain synthetic fibres that might only partially or not dye at all. Whilst we take every care, we cannot be responsible where a material and its construction is unknowingly weak and succeptable to seam splitting, fabric breakdown or at particular risk of shrinkage.    
  6. Fibres & trims, etc, that are unsafe or we are unable to dye are: Polyester, some types of nylon (polyamide) acrylic* (dralon)* & modacrylic*, tencel, rame, polyurethane, polysonic, fashion-weight tri-acetate, acetate & viscose (except as a lining but it can shrink/break-up/split on seams), modal, metal fibres & metal trim, all types of leather, (inc. suede, sheepskin & fur), plastics, most buttons, buckles, sequins, feathers, all decorative trim, including stones,and 'pearl' lacquer-coated beads & droplets and stitched in bone/plastic/metal, foam bust shapers and shaped stiffeners. Shoulder pads are also best removed. Stiffening in pelmets and tiebacks and wadded/flannel interlinings and laminated 'blackout'/lightproof linings must be removed. (Pelmet dismantling/remaking service and price quote available on request). The wall fittings, slats and rods attached and sewn into to blinds must also be removed.
  7. Judging a sofa cover size, etc., for pricing. We use a ‘bums-on-seat’ calculation, i.e. how many people can sit on the item irrespective of cushion cover numbers and/or configurations. For oversize base & back cushion covers add 10% to the listed price. (Corner units are priced on the 4 seater price plus the dfference per place between a 3 and a 4 seater price).
  8. Dining chair covers and similar items are by quotation. See the Price List for all the basic charges and the Order Form, A - N for service options.
  9. Wedding & evening dresses, etc. Where dyeable, these are best professionally processed but any polyester stitching will not dye. Silk invariably shrinks and it can often be difficult to produce an accurate colour and a good depth of shade. Be wary if buying a silk wedding dress and being told "it will dye OK". Some by chance, may dye well but others may not! Be aware if your dress is wanted for a special occasion, submit the order in plenty of time. You may need a plan B, as these items have above-average risks and results are often unpredictable.
  10. Although very unusual, where we believe an order might require a none-standard treatment (such as de-sizing, pre-scouring, acid stripping, etc.), we will contact you first for an explanation, your approval and agreement of cost. (See E & L on order form).
  11. Sample testing. (Indicative Assessments). We have three options for testing samples. Test1. a) This is for a sample approx. credit card size (no smaller and not much bigger please) to be dyed to any convenient shade just to see if the fabric will absorb colour ok.  b) A sample is dyed to a requested colour chart shade or c), to a customer’s own library matched colour. Test 2. This is where the same sized sample is first colour stripped to check the colour will reduce and then if successful, followed by either a), b) or c) from Test 1. Test 3. is for larger samples (in effect a small order which will require a quoted charge) for a complete machine process. Here again we can test for: a), colour absorption, b), dyeing to a chart colour or c), dyeing to a customer’s own library matched colour, or/and d), ascertaining the material’s stripping potential. (See the price list for standard charges and list under D. on the order form). Note: A shrinkage indication is not possible on a piece of material less than 35cm. long and all tests are essentially ‘indicative’ only, as scaling up a small test piece result to an order can be challenging, due to factors affecting dye quantity, temperature, order weight/volume and dye-to-water ratios. Samples larger than 20cm x 20cm and weighing more than 120gms will be classed as an order and charged accordingly. Please complete an order form (as far as possible) and include a note of any particular requirements if necessary, with your samples.
  12. Delivery. Straightforward samples for a chart colour test usually take 5-7 days. Colours requiring a library match or lab. scan, (sample or order) can take 10-21 days. We aim to turn round most dye orders within 10-14 working days, but a delay may occur for technical reasons and during busy periods.
  13. Express Orders. With notice and for a 20% premium, suitable chart colour (or a pre-ordered scan/library colour) orders can be returned within 7 days. (See price list). However, we cannot always warrant the delivery time if an unpredictable technical issue occurs although every effort will be made to have an order ready to time.
  14. Payment & prices.  All samples & orders (to be accompanied with an order form please) are only accepted pre-paid either with cash, (personal callers only) by cheque or credit/debit card before processing commences. (If prefered your card details may be phoned through). Prices are guaranteed for 8 weeks from the quotation date. Charges may change without notice.
  15. Post & packing advice. Pack your order enclosing a printed-off order form (see website heading) into a heavy grade plastic bag or preferably, a strong cardboard carton. (No carton? Try your local supermarket or if it's a large/heavy order a self-storage depot) Secure well and address package clearly. Look up ‘Couriers’ in Yellow Pages/websites for transport options. Most will collect from a house or business address or, you can send it by Parcel Force (usually the cheapest option) from a Post Office. Check the transit insurance cover. It can vary with the service. If you have difficulty getting a courier to collect from you we can arrange our contract courier to collect from your house or business address.

* Dralon (acrylic) velvet is mostly used for 3pce. suite coverings and somtimes curtains & loose covers. It can be identified by having fine, 'stitch rows' and/or ‘squares’ on the  reverse. The pile, if viewed in one direction, should have a very fine narrow, horizontal stripe and is generally thicker, stiffer, heavier and more bristly than cotton velvet. It can permanently distort/flatten with heat, moisture and pressure, therefore it is not suitable to dye, except experimentally.    

*1. We can tack protective fabric over the Velcro strips. Price on application.

Return post & packing rates inclusive of transit insurance* UK mainland only.

(Excludes Scottish Highlands and Islands)

 Rates may change without notice

 Up to 3lbs (1.36kg) £7.95

 3.1 lbs - 6 lbs (2.72kg) £14.80  

 6.1 lbs - 10 lbs (4.54kg) £17.50  

10.1lbs - 16lbs (2.72kg) £21.90   

         16.1lbs – 20lbs (9.09kg) £28.70

         20.1lbs – 45lbs (20.45kg) £36.95 

         45 lbs – 55lbs (25kg) £44.30


Return rates to Scottish Highlands, offshore Islands, N. Ireland, Eire and international destinations can be quoted once we know the order's weight (and its value for transit insurance purposes).

14* Transit insurance. Returned orders include an element of transit insurance in the transport charge. In the unlikely event of damage or loss the maximum payable is £150.00 per package, (not for the contents) up to 10 kg and £200.00 up to 22.70 kg, (not for the contents) irrespective of an orders' assumed/quoted value. Orders with a higher weight/value than our transit cover should be insurable for both journeys by your household contents insurer or your courier company for a nominal amount. Low-weight orders for returning Recorded or Special Delivery will be quoted for once received.

15. Fire retarding. A legal requirement for soft furnishings sited in public areas in most institutional and public access buildings but should also be considered where there is a risk of an electrical fault/domestic open fires/smoking, etc., and other hazards. Most original soft funishing fire retardants are none-durable and deteriorate with time and any remnant will usually be washed out during the dyeing process. Back-coated fire retardants in suite covers may or may not be permanent but if of a permanent type, it could flake in the dye process or affect the amount of dye uptake and the shade (as may a non-visible type). Where fire retarding is requested we issue a dated fire retardant certificate conforming to current BS and ISO Standards for curtains and upholstery.  

16. Shower proofing. Recommended for outdoor wear. Leaves a soft, water-resistant handle to the material.

17. Stain Guarding. Recommended for loose covers in particular where there’s risk of staining from animals, children and social occasions from food & drink spills. (See price list and note requirements on the order form under I. or J.)

18. Personal callers welcome. We are approx.12 miles south of Manchester, 3 from Stockport and 4 from Manchester Airport, close to the M56 and M60 with free parking on the road adjacent to our premises and on our own pavement-forecourt. Phone for directions. Open 8.30am - 6.00pm Monday -Friday, 8.30am - 5.00pm on Saturdays. Closed Sundays.

19. Uncollected orders. Notwithstanding pre-payment, completed orders for collection will only be kept for four months from the date of a customer's receipt, (unless notified by a Recorded Delivery letter to retain), after which, without exception it will be sent to a charity or otherwise disposed of with no liability on our part for restitution or compensation for the order’s value or the pre-paid processing charge. Maximum retention period is one month from receiving a request to retain.

20. After care. Although our dyes are resistant to fade and careful washing and/or dry cleaning dyes eventually deteriorate when exposed to light and/or temperature washing on a regular basis. Where possible we recommend your order is dry cleaned, otherwise wash at 30C on a short process using Dylon Colour Seal as instructed with a non-bio colour-safe detergent For the first wash, after the process has finished cold rinse twice. Before using the machine again, rinse with 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach at 40C on a short cycle, cold-rinse again and wipe round the door/frame and rubber seal.

21. Ready to send your order?  Print off an order form and check the list of service options A – N. Complete those you require after checking the item/service charges on the price list. Please complete all relevant sections. (If unsure, call us for advice or for any other queries) and enclose a cheque or list your credit card details (which you can phone through if preferred or you wish us to first respond to a processing/cost query). Don't forget to include an amount for the return post & packing charge (see paragraph 13) and sign the ‘Customer Declaration’. NOTE: Notwithstanding any verbal advice or opinion our printed terms are our sole conditions of acceptance. All test samples, query items and orders, etc. must be sent with a order form, payment and clear instructions, listing your name, address, email and phone number.  

22. Important! Near the bottom of the order form on the right side where printed: Order Ref. No.......... please write in the last four digits of your usual daytime contact phone number. These will become your order reference number and should be quoted if you have a query. Optional: List your evening/weekend phone number at the top right hand corner of the form (in case we need to, but cannot contact you during the day).

23.  Due to the occasional unreliability of electronic communication systems, if you (preferably) email us but do not get a reply within 3 days, please telephone 0161 485 3421 to ascertain if we have received your query.

24. We do not normally acknowledge incoming orders, but if you wish to have its arrival confirmed, (unless a 24/48 hour service) allow at least 5/6 days for a Parcel Force delivery before contacting us. To help us locate your order, please advise us of your surname, order contents, date despatched, original colour and new colour required.

Trade & Commercial services include: fire, smoke & flood/remedial processing for clothing & soft furnishings, sample dyeing, remedial dyeing, de-sizing, enzyme & stone washing, loose-dye fixing & stock dyeing. Small, (no minimum) and quantity amounts welcome. Terms & charges available on application. See full list under 'Other Services'


Additional Domestic Services.

Fabric/colour consultant available for domestic & commercial site visits. Charges on application.

Textiles: Re weaving (invisible-mending) All types of clothing alterations & repairs.

Garments, etc: Expert in stain removal treatments.

Specialist cleaners of wedding dresses, leather, suede, & fur. Repair specialists. Postal/courier service available. Details on request.

Indicative Reports. Analysis Service for determining who’s to blame in consumer disputes with retailers and/or dry cleaners over alleged faulty processing, causation damage and assessments of sub-standard garments & soft furnishings. (Trading Standards & Citizens Advice Bureau registered). Charges/quotations on request.



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